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I am Sudarshan Vig, more commonly addressed as Sid. I did my Masters in Physics (as opposed to mastering Physics) at University of Hyderabad. While there, I was a little known for "punny" and hilarious one-liners which were affectionately (I hope) called "Pseudisms" (coz Sudism would be too close to sadism, which it probably was).

In the meantime, I developed a very keen interest in photography, video editing and travel. However, the rigours of life (an excuse I use often) forced me to earn my living in the software product development field.

In some past years, I have tried to further my past interests with newer ones like theater, live music, video, literature etc. and the amalgamation is tailor-made for all kinds and sorts of Photography. I chose to use the college time pun and have named it PSEUDOGRAPHY. After all, a photograph can tell the truth, but can also manipulate the truth, make it more beautiful, uglier, taller, shorter, darker, lighter, you get the drift!! Having quit the IT life for good, Pseudography is what I have made my mission, vision and reason to breathe.

"A picture is worth a thousand words, ergo, a photographer is a lazy novelist " - Pseudism


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